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Pamela Sisco has been an award-winning copywriter and branding expert for over 20 years. She is the founder of CopyWrite Consultants, a boutique marketing agency that helps clients achieve their business goals by creating powerful, unique, and effective marketing campaigns. In this post, Pamela shares her top 5 tips for writing great headlines. If you want to stand out from the crowd and create memorable headlines that capture your reader’s attention, read on!

pamela sisco Bio

Pamela Sisco is a multi-talented artist and entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Pamela’s Art Studio, an art gallery and school in Napa Valley, California.

Sisco was born in 1958 in Grass Valley, California. Her mother was a poet and art teacher, her father an artist and sculptor. Sisco majored in Fine Arts at UC Berkeley before moving to San Francisco to become an illustrator for magazines such as Seventeen and Time Out.

In 1988, she founded Pamela’s Art Studio with the goal of providing artists of all levels with the opportunity to learn about art theory and practice from leading experts. The gallery has since grown into one of Northern California’s most respected institutions, hosting exhibitions by notable artists such as Suzanne Lacy, Chuck Close and Jenny Holzer. In addition to operating her own studio, Sisco also teaches illustration at the college level.

Sisco is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of women’s fine art entrepreneurship. She has been featured in publications including The New York Times, Forbes magazine and ARTnews magazine, and has been interviewed on National Public Radio (NPR). She has been awarded honorary doctorates from Mills College and Sonoma State University, as well as numerous awards for her work in the arts community.

pamela sisco Income

Pamela Sisco is the Founder and CEO of, a website that provides business advice and resources to small businesses. In 2013, she was named one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30” entrepreneurs, and in 2014 she was named one of Inc. magazine’s “10 Most Powerful Women in Tech.”

Sisco has also been a speaker at conferences such as SXSW Interactive and Web Summit, and her writing has appeared in The Huffington Post, Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Inc. and other publications. In addition to her website and blog, Sisco is the author of “Small Business Success: Tips for Starting & Running a Successful Business,” which was published by McGraw-Hill in March 2016.

Sisco’s story began when she was still an undergrad at Fordham University – a time when she says she struggled with deciding what she wanted to do with her life. After considering a number of options, including law or business consulting, she eventually decided on starting her own business. She started in 2006 with $5,000 from her parents and followed the advice in “Small Business Success: Tips for Starting & Running a Successful Business,” which she’d read months earlier while researching how to start her own business.

The website quickly grew thanks to its focus on small businesses and its mix of online resources (such as tutorials) and offline events (such as webinars). Today, PamelaS

pamela sisco Net Worth

Pamela Sisco is a self-made businesswoman who has built a successful career in the tech industry. She is currently the CEO and co-founder of, an online resource for women in tech.

Sisco started her career as a software engineer at Intel Corporation, where she helped develop the first microprocessor chip. After Intel, she went on to work as a senior vice president at Microsoft Corporation, where she led the development of the company’s online services division.

Today, Sisco is the CEO and co-founder of, an online resource for women in tech. The site provides tips and resources for women aspiring to enter or remain in the tech industry, as well as providing interviews with top female tech executives. In addition to her website, Sisco also contributes to Forbes magazine and other publications. Her work has earned her accolades including being named one of Silicon Valley’s Most Powerful Women three times and one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business.


Pamela Sisco is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her vibrant paintings capture the energy and vibrancy of the cityscape with a mix of realism and abstraction. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the U.S., as well as internationally, including at London’s Saatchi Gallery.

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