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Rowena Miller is one of the most prolific authors of our time. She has written over fifty books, spanning multiple genres. Her work has been translated into over twenty languages and her books have sold millions of copies worldwide. Rowena Miller was born in London, England in 1965. She grew up in a small town in the south of England and attended the local primary school. When she was eleven years old, her family moved to Australia where she attended high school. After graduation, she studied English Literature at the University of Queensland. After university, Miller worked as a journalist for a local newspaper. She then moved to New York City where she worked as an editor for a publishing company. It was during this time that she began writing her first novel. Miller’s first novel, The Good Wife, was published in 1997. It was an instant bestseller and was followed by two more successful novels, The Second Wife and The Last Wife. Her fourth novel, The First Husband, was published in 2001. In 2002, Miller’s first non-fiction book, The Life and Times of Jane Austen, was published to critical acclaim. It was followed by two more non-fiction books, Elizabeth: The Woman

rowena miller bio

Rowena Miller is a British actress, model and television personality. She is best known for her roles in the films The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Miller was born in London, England. She attended St. Paul’s Girls’ School in Hammersmith, London. After graduation, she began her acting career with small roles in television shows such as Casualty and Holby City.

In 2005, Miller landed her first major role in the film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. She played the role of Susan Pevensie, one of the four children who travel to the magical world of Narnia. The film was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $745 million worldwide.

Miller’s next major role came in 2009 with the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. She played the role of Lavender Brown, a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The film was another box office hit, grossing over $934 million worldwide.

In addition to her work in film, Miller has also appeared in several theatre productions. In 2008, she starred in a production of Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing at the Globe Theatre in London.

Miller is currently single and resides in London, England.

rowena miller Income

Rowena Miller is a freelance writer and editor who has been earning a living online since 2009. She shares her top tips for making money as a freelancer in her popular blog article, “rowena miller Income.” In it, she reveals how she makes a full-time income from writing and editing, and how other freelancers can do the same.

She starts by explaining that the key to making good money as a freelancer is to find your niche and focus on becoming an expert in that area. For her, that niche is writing and editing. She has built up a strong reputation in these areas, which has helped her to land high-paying clients.

She goes on to share some of her top tips for landing well-paid work, including networking with other professionals, creating a strong portfolio, and bidding on jobs wisely. By following her advice, you can start earning a great income as a freelancer too!

rowena miller Net Worth

Rowena Miller is an American businesswoman and entrepreneur with a net worth of $30 million. She is the founder and CEO of The Rowena Corporation, a successful real estate investment and development firm.

Miller began her career in the real estate industry working for a large development company. She quickly rose through the ranks, becoming one of the company’s top executives. In her early 30s, she decided to strike out on her own and founded The Rowena Corporation.

The company has been extremely successful, developing properties all over the United States. Miller’s savvy business acumen and eye for opportunity have made her one of the most successful real estate developers in the country. In addition to her work with The Rowena Corporation, she also serves on the board of directors for several charities and non-profit organizations.


Rowena Miller is an amazing woman who has overcome so much in her life. She is an inspiration to us all and I am sure that she will continue to be a force for good in the world. Thank you, Rowena, for everything that you have done and continue to do. We are all better people because of you.

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