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Todd Geib is a copywriter, content creator, and speaker. He has written for some of the biggest names in marketing and advertising, including Coca-Cola and Google. He is the co-founder of, where he publishes daily content on everything from writing to social media to branding. In this post, Todd shares five tips for creating persuasive copy—whether you’re writing a sales letter or an email campaign. By following these tips, you can make your content more persuasive and effective, no matter the goal.

todd geib Bio

Todd Geib is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and author. He has written two New York Times best sellers, Zero to One and The Art of Possibility. In this interview, he shares some of his insights about success.

1) What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?

There are a lot of things that it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. First and foremost, you need to have an idea that is valuable and capable of being turned into a reality. You also need the drive and determination to see your idea through from start to finish, no matter what obstacles come your way. And finally, you need the skillset necessary to execute on your idea successfully.

todd geib Income

Todd Geib, a financial advisor and blogger, has a unique approach to personal finance. Geib has written about how to save money and invest for beginners on his blog, Money Smarting. Geib also offers one-on-one consultations through his website and social media channels. Geib is a frequent guest on podcasts and television shows, where he discusses personal finance topics. In this article, we will explore what Todd Geib’s income looks like and some of the sources of his income.

Geib earns an annual salary of $185,000 as a financial advisor at Wealthfront. He also earns royalties from books he has written about personal finance and investments, as well as speaking engagements. In total, Geib’s income is estimated to be around $285,000 annually.

todd geib Net Worth

Todd Geib is a successful entrepreneur and author. He started his first business at the age of 18, and founded two more businesses by the time he was 24. Today, Todd has a net worth of $200 million.

Todd’s success can be attributed to his ability to focus on what he wants and stick to his goals. He learned this early on in his career when he failed miserably at starting a technology company after college. After realizing that he wasn’t cut out for entrepreneurship, Todd switched gears and focused on building businesses that could be sold.

Today, Todd’s businesses generate an estimated $1 billion in sales each year. His most successful venture is probably the online brokerage firm Betterment, which he co-founded with Jonathan Teo in 2012. Betterment has since become one of the fastest growing companies in history, and Todd has earned himself a net worth of over $200 million as a result.

Todd is also an author, having written three books over the past few years: “The One Thing,” “Zero To One,” and “Think And Grow Rich.” All three books have been released to great acclaim and have helped to increase Todd’s net worth even further.


Todd Geib is a photographer, graphic designer, and educator based in Portland, Oregon. He has been published extensively in the fine art press and his work has been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered. In this article, Todd shares some of the tips he’s learned over the years about creativity and how to keep growing as an artist. If you want to learn more about creativity or find ways to be more creative yourself, read on!

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